KazaboCards.com is a website operated by Kazabo Publishing, where our motto is Every Book a Best-Seller . . . Guaranteed! Please visit us at Kazabo.com for more information and to have a look at the other great books we are publishing.

The idea behind KazaboCards.com is simple: Send your friends an ecard with an actual gift attached. It’s really the ultimate last-minute Christmas gift, when you think about it.

In this case, the gift is one of our books, A Touch of Classics, which is a selection of short stories from a variety of authors including Saki, Grazia Deledda, Luigi Capuana, Balduin Groller (the creator of the Sherlock Holmes of Vienna, Dagobert Trostler), Italo Svevo and Matilde Serao. There is really something for everyone here. But the best part is that, with the exception of the Saki stories, the publication of A Touch of Classics marks the very first time any of these stories have been available in English.

A Touch of Classics is delivered as an unencrypted pdf file that has been specially formatted for viewing on a tablet as well as on larger screens.  Anyone who can receive your ecard, can easily read the ebook you are sending them as well.

A word about the names and e-mail addresses we collect: We need them to deliver the ecards and ebooks. But we will never, ever sell them. Period.

Happy Holidays,

The Kazabo Team