Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this book cost?

Nothing. It’s included with the price of the card.  Normally, it’s $5.99.

What is this book about?

About 150 pages. BA Dum tss!

Sorry, we’ve been up pretty late trying to get all this working for the holiday season. A Touch of Classics is a selection of short stories from a variety of authors including Saki, Grazia Deledda, Luigi Capuana, Balduin Groller (the creator of the Sherlock Holmes of Vienna, Dagobert Trostler), Italo Svevo and Matilde Serao. There is really something for everyone here. But the best part is that, with the exception of the Saki stories, the publication of A Touch of Classics marks the very first time any of these stories have been available in English.

At Kazabo, we are very proud to be the ones to bring these works to the English language and we are excited to share them with you. We have trouble believing that there is work like this still waiting to be translated into English. (But there is! And we’ve got more in the pipeline!) Finding an untranslated work from an author like Grazia Deledda or Italo Svevo is the literary equivalent of tripping on a gold brick while raking the leaves in your yard. It is hard to understand why no one picked it up before, but there it is . . . 

So how, exactly, does this work?

You choose one of our ecards to send. Enter an e-mail address and, if you want, a holiday greeting. The recipient receives your ecard which includes a link which will allow them to download their book.

Will the recipient be able to read the book I sent them?

Short answer: Yes, if they can get the ecard you send, they can easily read the book. Long answer: The book they are receiving, A Touch of Classics, is an unencrypted pdf file that has been specially formatted for easy reading on tablets as well as on larger screens. Usually, all they need to do is double-click on the downloaded file since most devices come with software for reading pdf files already installed.

Why are there only three — or possibly six, if they are extremely coordinated — reindeer in your banner?

Excellent question. We’ve been wondering about that ourselves.

What happens to the email addresses and names you collect?

We use them to deliver ebooks and ecards. But we never, ever sell them.